Air pencil grinder SH-350B

  • Air pencil grinder SH-350B
  • Air pencil grinder SH-350B
Name:Air pencil grinder SH-350B
Max free speed:70000RPM
Collet size:2.38mm or 3mm
Air consumption:2CFM
Air Pressure:90PSI

Products Description

Micro Air Grinders adopts precision and durable components. It has many specialties as follows: light and pen shaped design, small volume, high speed of rotation, low noise, large torque, low consumption of air, light and stable. And its operation is very easy, convenient and fast, which is applied in varieties moulds, hardware products, glass, crafts, accessories, circuit board extensively such as shoe mould, wheel mould, pen mould, household mould, etc. In a word, it applies in what need to be grinded, rubbed, carved and mirror polished.

Air grinding machine/Grinders/Flat edge trimmer

Description: Aluminum shell, aluminum switch; Air inlet: brass; The most commonly used models; Optional shape of the case are polygon and cylinder

 1.Max free speed: 70000Rpm
 2.Collet size: 2.38mm or 3mm
 3.Length: 140mm
 4.Air consumption: 2CFM
 5.weight: 0.4KG
 6.Air pressure: 90PSI



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