Mini Airbrush Kit SH-60900

  • Mini Airbrush Kit SH-60900
  • Mini Airbrush Kit SH-60900
Name:Mini Airbrush Kit SH-60900
Max output/min:15L/min
Current input:0.8A
Max pressure:25PSI / 1.8 BAR
Working style:Continually
Speed:5 adjust speed
Product size:14511057mm

Products Description

Main functions:

Used with the airbrush( diameter 0.2-0.5mm),widely been used in range of nail art, cake painting, makeup, industrial etc.

A: Features

1. With AC adapter, DC12V

2. It can work continually as long as it start to work under pressure

3. With 5 adjustable speed

4. With the airbrush holder for your other optional choice

5. With LED light, turn it off when you do not use it

B: Technical Data

Voltage: DC12V

Max output/min: 15L/min

Current input: 0.8A

Max pressure: 25PSI / 1.8 BAR

Working style: Continually

Speed: 5 adjust speed

Product size: 145*110*57mm

C: Description

1. With elegant model design, patent right.

2. With airbrush holder at right side.

3. Motor with high power, long stable life test.

4. Minimum noise for a better working environment.

5. Adjustable speed control at 5 levels, you can use it freely and easily at different requirements. Easy to use without professional ways.

D: How to use

1. Connect with the adapter, the power light turns on, the product is ready to work.

2. Then touch the button for 3s, the blue indicator turns on, it’s the Min speed. Touch the button for 1s to adjust the pressure from Min to Max.

3. The speed control is in cycle model. Keep touching the button for 1s, the pressure would reduce from Max to Min.

4. If want to turn it off, touch the button for 3s again.

5. It works well with both single and dual action airbrush gun.

E: Warning

1. Don’t change the MODE level Quickly

2. The compressor should be put in dry, clean and Ventilates place

3. Don’t let children contact and play

4. The compressor’s ambient temperature should be in 0~40℃and don’t exposure to sunlight.

5. Please put the airbrush to the holder when you don’t use.

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