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Ningbo Sehon Tools Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Sehon Tools Co.,Ltd. is a professional import and export trading company, our products are: pneumatic tools, including air grinder, airbrush, spray gun, electric spray gun, related products like airbrush tattoo ink, airbrush tanning lotion, airbrush nail ink, airbrush makeup,spray tanning tents and so on; in addition to we also have air compressor, linear actuator, common tools (tweezers, rulers, etc.). Our sales staff has been engaged in import and export trade for more than 10 years and has full experience to better serve you. At this moment, the dream and the responsibility to the family let us work together in a tightly united manner. We believe that we will be succeed and develop Sehon into our pride.

If you ask me, what can Sehon bring to you? I think the service is the first answer without a doubt. We will be patient, answer any questions you have, and it is the first time. We will leave you with the most complete contact information, so that you can contact us anytime, anywhere. In addition, we will honestly face every customer, and any problems you have will be reported. Experience is my second answer. As mentioned before, we have a wealth of experience, both in terms of product understanding and in foreign trade. We have excellent resource integration capabilities, factories can only provide a single product, and your needs may be diversified, do you have to worry about being tired and working with each factory? No, you only need to contact the Sehon family to solve all the problems. The price will be my third answer. We have excellent negotiating skills, so there are ways to get better prices, even more than your factory. In addition to these, we have a professional inspection team that can provide you with free inspection and inspection services, bridges and ties between the factory and you, so that the actual situation of the factory is always in your hands. Let you not be guilty of poor communication. The last answer is security. In cross-border trade, the security of funds is undoubtedly very important. It is absolutely safe to put your funds in our hands. We can sign a formal contract with you and choose the payment method that is beneficial to you. All in all, every customer will get the best attention in our place. We are not afraid of trouble, not afraid of hard work, and always abide by the principle of "service, speed, patience, integrity", let you feel the feeling of being at home.

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Our practice has an extensive history of long-standing relationships with many suppliers built on integrity, first-rate service, timely delivery and relevant advice.

Air tools

Micro straight grinder/Micro angle grinder/Engraving pen/Pneumatic ultrasonic polishing tools/Pneumatic tapping machine/Spare part/Air belt sander/Air belt sander/Air impact wrench/Tire pressure gun/Dust blowing gun

Air compressor

Inflation pump/Oil free air compressor/Direct driven air compressor/Belt driven air compressor/Italian type air compressor


Mini airbrush compressor kit/Big airbrush compressor kit/Airbrush/Airbrush nail ink/Airbrush tanning lotion/Airbrush tattoo ink/Airbrush tanning tent