1HP Air Compressor SH-ZBS15

  • 1HP Air Compressor SH-ZBS15
Name:1HP Air Compressor SH-ZBS15
Cylinder:φ 42mmX1

Products Description

Main Technical Data

Model: SH-ZBS15
Motor: 1HP/0.75KW

Cylinder: φ 42mmX1

Tank: 15L/4Gal
Pressure: 8BAR/115PSI
Capacity: 116L/min/4.1CFM
Speed: 2850RPM
L×W×H: 530×240×540mm
Weight: 19kg

Characteristics: (direct driven)
1.Heavy cast iron body: heavy load, long stroke, low fuel consumption, low noise
2.Cylinder: made of high-grade cast iron, strength, good lubricity, wall by the fine honing, wear-resistant, durable
3.Piston ring: good elasticity, excellent wear resistance, low oil consumption, not easy to make the valve group carbon deposition and loss of oil to burn the crankshaft and connecting rod.
4.The crankshaft, connecting rod, piston: well balanced, wear resistance, high strength, smooth running balance.
5.High reliable and durable valve; strong aluminum alloy body, light and heat.
6.The motor provides reliable power, low voltage startup and running performance strong fan cooled motor and body; special shock proof design.
7.Double gas nozzle, were used to direct the exhaust and pressure exhaust; pressure switch with push button, safe and convenient

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